2009 Street Glide

There’s nothing like a day in the garage with your bike. I have a Touring bike, Softail, and my wife’s Nightster. If I had to take all three bikes to a dealer, I would have to sell one to afford their rates. Since my first video I started changing my own oil, then brakes, pulling wheels off to replace a tire and reinstalling it. Just these routine service jobs each year add up to big bucs. As my confidence grew the next thing I know I am changing exhaust systems, installing new handlebars, wiring, new switch housings, chrome switches, levers, the whole deal. When I put the new bars on, marked all the wires, fished the wires through the bars, soldered the wires together one by one, added all the other chrome accessories and now the moment of truth was finally facing me square in the eye. It was me and the starter switch. I reached over and gave it a push, and that mother fired right up. What a feeling, it looked like a factory job. Chrome, chrome, chrome…shifter lever, passenger foot boards, front forks, gauge and radio trim, mirror chrome, you name it all done by me what more can I say than ‘I FIXED MY HOG”. Now it was time to chrome the wheels rotors, spacers, etc., and put some real tires on the bike. It’s not quite where I want it but I am getting there. It’s all about the videos…you can’t get enough…just keep them coming so I can make my bike my own, and maintain it at the same time!

Bill’s 2009 Root Beer Float Street Glide resting in the shade!