2010 Road Glide

Dennis here from NASA. Wanted to let you know I received the Touring DVD’s and have really enjoyed them. Here’s a pic of my bike, it’s a 2010 Road Glide and this picture was taken during the delivery process. I’ve owned the bike since August 6, 2009. I enjoy riding and am one of the Road Captains in the local HOG chapter.

While riding home from the base last night I came across someone on a broken down bike. The bike was an older Harley street glide and the rider told me he just had the handle bars replaced. While riding home the bike just stopped running. I recalled your article in the last newsletter (March 2010) about this happening and to check the fuse block. Well, sure enough a fuse was blown. Replacing the fuse allowed the guy to get the bike off the freeway and find the short.

Thanks for sharing all the helpful information. The owner of the broken Harley couldn’t thank me enough. So I told him about your DVD’s.

Dennis -San Francisco Bay Area