2012 Fat Boy Lo

I have a 2012 Fat Boy Lo, bought it new, and love the bike, it has had some mods, and will continue to until it is just the way I want it, different seat and probably cams. The only complaint I have had with this bike is the front brake switch, since new, I was told by my dealer that it was the switch, I replaced it, not the problem. What was happening was the brake lever wasn’t going out far enough to shut off the light, sometimes, not always, which was a pain in the ass, anyway, I got looking at it closer and determined that either the wee tab that pushed on the switch needed to be bent, or thickened. JB weld, a dab on the tab about 1/16″ fixed the problem completely, a very inexpensive and effective fix. Now I don’t get the little red lite on my speedo, and the brake lite functions the way it is supposed to. Not plugging JB weld, any product of a similar nature would do the job, I would guess an epoxy would work too, or Metal Set, anything you can mold that will harden and adhere to the aluminum lever.
Bruce S – Nova Scotia
“Just remember, wherever you go, there you’ll be”