2012 Triglide

My wife Donna and I own a 2012 Harley-Davidson Triglide. We bought it new and just rolled over 16,000 miles Hawaiian style on Oahu. Our 103 Trike has standard brake pads (no ABS) so I decided to jump on the web, put a few key words into Google and found www.fixmyhog.com. Not knowing anything about the site and not having time to read the testimonials, I signed up for the newsletter and watched a couple of the free videos. That’s when I learned about paying for premium videos. I wasn’t prepared that evening. A couple of days later I received a special offer and decided to take a chance. That’s when got to view the premium video on changing my brake pads. Thorough, educational and instructive. Wow! Brake pads came in Thursday night and was back on the road the next day.
Gary & Donna
Honolulu, Hawaii