Cafe Racer Parts and Plan

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The fun part: Cafe Racer parts and, of course, a plan. Whether you are planning a mild customization, a radical customization, or a full restoration of your Harley Davidson; it is of utmost importance that you start off by creating a plan. For most of us, the first step is to determine your budget. If you are capable of taking care of all the labor yourself, the budget will be only for cafe racer parts, materials, and supplies. However, most customizations or rebuilds will require paying for a painter, powder coating, plating, a machinist, and maybe a welder. If you do not have the time, tools, or know how; shop/mechanic labor will have to be a large part of your budget.

Once you have determined your budget, you can begin focusing on your design concepts. This typically goes hand in hand with shopping for cafe racer parts. It is good to start by focusing on the larger, most visual areas of the motorcycle. Larger cafe racer parts like fuel tank, fenders, handlebars, seat, and rims, give the motorcycle its overall form. It is important that these cafe racer parts can all flow together or share in a similar concept.

Once a cafe racer parts list has been determined, it is important to plan an order for how things should be accomplished. Parts that need to be powder coated, plated or painted should be taken care of first. Sometimes these parts will need to be shipped across the country. There is usually considerable down time when waiting for a painter. Especially if you are opting for a radical, custom paint scheme. If there is a cafe racer part on the motorcycle that needs painting or plating, it is important to remove it, disassemble, and ship it out before other areas of the bike are addressed. If there is a part that needs to be purchased and then painted, it is important to place this order early.

Make and keep lists as you work. Start with your lists for cafe racer parts, paint, supplies, etc. As you work, keep a running list of parts, hardware, or supplies that come up that you will need.
Keep parts and hardware organized as you disassemble the motorcycle. Best results and a good experience will come from being organized and working clean.

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