How To Buy Used Choppers

Duration: 5:24

Nate Beck reviews how to buy used choppers, vintage motorcycles or any motorcycle.

Nate says, “Heritage, to me, is one of the pillars of being a Harley Davidson enthusiast. Harley’s pride in their heritage is one of the aspects that originally attracted me to being a Harley owner and rider. Their attention to detail on newer bikes like an old style tank badge, the way a fender flairs, or a paint job that gives a nod to past has always appealed to me. However nothing is quite like the real thing, and I’ve always found myself going back to swoon over knucks, pans, shovels, peashooters, flatheads, really anything pre evolution motor.”

Funny early 1999 Twin Cams are now “vintage” and the first year Evos (late 1984) are antique, depending on who defines the terms. The fact is once it leaves the lot it’s used and you need to know what you are getting into.

Buying used choppers or any Harley takes preparation to avoid frustration just like wrenching on your motorcycle.

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