Harley Cam Chain Tensioner Failure

Duration: 21:47

In this video, Bob walks us through a Harley cam chain tensioner inspection, it can be a Road King plastic tensioner replacement that needs to be done or any models in the affected year range of the Twin Cam 88.

He removes the exhaust, floorboards, and everything in the way of the cam cover.

At the cam cover, he reminds us to remove bolts in a star or cross pattern to ease pressure evenly.

With the cover open we can see the cam tensioner shoes if the front is in bad shape the rear might be as well. To see the rear without removing the rocker box use a flashlight and mirror.

Wathc the full project here.

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6 Responses to “Harley Cam Chain Tensioner Failure”
  1. Kimberly Richmond
    Kimberly Richmond

    I can hear a growling coming from prim. area any tips on what it is?

  2. James

    An unfamiliar sporadic noise caused me to change my oil. Upon starting, no oil pressure at all. Shut down immediately. Removed oil filter and crammed the TC88 over. No oil coming out. I only did this because I have an H-D oil cooler and wanted to rule it out.
    It was the cam chain tensioners! Broken up at 28k miles on my Electra Glide. The manual is woefully negligent on this subject. I would advise ’06 & earlier check at 25k. Newer hydraulic aren’t much better in material used for the “shoe” but can leave inspect up to 45k miles.
    As an aside, the particles clog the support plate. Harley answer = replace. I chased my holes to clean. All working fine now.

  3. James

    My ’04 TC88 Electra Glide Classic shoes were gone at 28k. Broken pieces clogged support plate. H-D’answer was to replace, of course. Chased them clean, replaced shoes. Manual is negligent in this department so it’s up to you to check. ’06 & earlier I’d suggest 25k check. Newer hydraulic 45k. I believe their listed at 50 but don’t wait until you hear a noise and find you have no oil pressure.

  4. Dennis Santopietro
    Dennis Santopietro

    Q: It seems that more and more bikers have learned that the 88 engine for Harley has a major flaw. I am referring to the cam chain plastic supports that the cam chain rides on. I want to purchase a Harley with a 88 engine. How can I tell if the engine has not suffered the event of the plastic cam chain supports coming apart and going in the oil causing engine damage?

    A: You will probably not be able to determine if there was ever catastrophic failure. Even if there was, it could have been thoroughly & correctly repaired. You can remove the cam cover to determine the condition of cam chain tensioners or to see if there has been a hydraulic upgrade.

  5. beermunder

    what crap rip off.. you didnt even go over what a shoe should look like or the specs of that bike…or even shoe a good or bad shoe.. this video suck balls dude…total rip off.. get more free information on youtube by people who care!