Check Front Axle Nut Torque

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Next on Harley’s service checklist is checking for proper front axle nut torque. The front or rear axles should not loosen for any reason on their own. In fact, this is really just to inspect the work of the last person or mechanic that touched this area of the motorcycle. It could even have been you.

If an axle nut was not correctly torqued, it could be a major safety issue. This axle requires that you have a 19mm allen bit. To torque, or check axle nut torque, use a 6mm allen to loosen the pinch bolt in the right side lower slider. Then, use the 19mm allen with your foot pounds torque wrench and tighten the axle 59 to 79 foot pounds.

Mike recommends going right up to 79 foot pounds. Re-tighten the pinch bolt and the inspection is complete.

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4 Responses to “Check Front Axle Nut Torque”
  1. ROY

    The 2020 FLSB (Sport Glide) has a different axle end cap. How do you check its axle nut torque?

  2. kevin haller
    kevin haller

    do you know the torque specs for front and rear axles on a 2020 deluxe?