Clutch Cover Upgrade Install

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Duration: 14:39

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You are on a roll now with your stock Harley engine cover upgrades, don’t stop. This video shows us Harley clutch cover upgrade to the clarity line from Roland Sands. Bob tells us at the start to drain your transmission fluid or you will have a mess and he shows us what he is talking about. You know he likes to work clean and so should you. He removes the clutch cover bolts, cover, and gasket. Replace the clutch throw out bearing while you are in here. Bob reviews the throw out bearing on the bench and explains why you need to replace it. He removes the clutch cable ball and ramp and the cable from the stock clutch cover. Twist the cover not the cable when removing the cable. He installs the new o-ring and the cable to the new clutch cover. He removed the derby cover and backed off the clutch adjustment to get everything in line. A new gasket is installed and the new clutch cover is bolted on the Harley. Make sure to follow your manual or in this case the manufactures bolt tightening and torqueing sequence. Perform a clutch adjustment and check your work.

*Make sure to fill Your Transmission Fluid!

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