FMH LIVE: Wiring

Duration: 1:01:12

Do those wires have your head spinning? Watch Tommy ‘Clutch’ Creal in this FMH LIVE as he goes through a 2000 HD 883XL wire loom. If you’re looking at eliminating, adding or modifying parts on your bike or simply just want to hide the bulky wires, then this is a must watch!

Here’s what Tommy covered:
Re-routing looms
Adding connectors
Specific wires/gauges to use
Various soldering techniques
Play and slack areas
How to properly and safely move looms/components

Wiring and or Electrical might look scary but you can do it. Here are several hours of video on the subject here at Fix My Hog:
Electrical Systems
FMH LIVE: Gauges – Info and Troubleshooting
Electrical Troubleshooting + DVD

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