Tips on Why Fuel Injected Harley Won’t Start

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Every year we get calls from customers who are, or have been, stranded and their fuel injected Harley won’t start. If the bike doesn’t start at home it may not be such a big deal. However, if you get stuck out on the road, it can be a very stressful experience.

In this video Mike takes a moment to remind us of some simple things to look for when your fuel injected Harley won’t start. He also gives us advice on preventative maintenance that can be performed in order to avoid these situations.

The first, most important thing to remember when your fuel injected Harley won’t start is not to panic. Take a step back and think simple:

  • – Is your key FOB within range (models with security)?
  • – Is the rocker switch switched to RUN?
  • – Is the petcock turned to ON or RESERVE (carbureted models)?
  • – Is the jiffy stand fully up (on models with this safety feature)? Also, try starting in neutral for a model that may have a neutral safety switch issue.

For models with security, it is important to replace your key FOB battery annually. It is also important to always carry a spare key FOB battery. When replacing the key FOB battery, make sure that you install it correctly. Note the way you remove the old battery. Positive & negative direction is labeled inside the FOB assembly. We notice that, probably only, 50% of riders know their security personal pin code. This is very important. If your FOB is lost or damaged, you can enter your pin number and be on your way.

If your fuel injected Harley won’t start, it is also a good idea to invest in a spare crank position sensor. We have seen these sensors fail in, as little as, 20k miles. The $60 cost of a spare sensor is worth the peace of mind. It is also much cheaper than hiring a flatbed and paying for a shop’s labor charge.

Battery and battery cable maintenance should always be scrutinized over. Only use a quality, known good, fully charged battery. Make sure that battery cables are clean and secure on both ends of each cable. Battery cable and spark plug wire replacement is important preventive maintenance that is not difficult to do.

After trying some simple things, if the fuel injected Harley won’t start, you will have to begin to determine if the issue is electrical or fuel related.

Checking for possible stored diagnostic trouble codes can be helpful for steering you in the right direction. Also, a spark tester is a very cheap tool that can help determine, with certainty, whether or not you have good spark.

On fuel injected models, make sure that you can hear the fuel pump cycle when switched to RUN. If not, check your fuses.

As always, the best way to avoid being stranded with your Harley Davidson is to be diligent about your bike’s maintenance. Follow the service schedule that is provided within your factory service manual. Thoroughly perform every service procedure and inspection that is listed. Reference Fix My HOG for regular maintenance procedures on your ride.

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  1. Ronald Hann
    Ronald Hann

    2016 FLRT. Freewheeler trike. I removed the tank to run my love jug wires in the channel. I put the tank back on and when i push the starter button i have no spark. As soon as i let go of the starter button the plugs spark. Whats wrong? All fuses were o.k.