Harley 5 Speed Trans Install

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We are ready to install the Harley 5 speed trans into the Twin Cam frame, behind the motor. All mounting hardware should be cleaned and prepped before beginning the install. Setting the transmission into the frame is not difficult but care has to be taken not to scrape the case or the frame while moving into position. If anything is at risk of being damaged, take a minute, now, to cover with painters tape, a towel, or foam. Use whatever necessary to protect your components while not hindering the install.

With the Harley 5 speed trans, flush, behind the motor, begin threading in your hardware by hand. When all four bolts are in, snug evenly but do not final tighten at this time. Now, move on to the rear of the transmission to install the swingarm pivot shaft. This shaft slides through the end of the transmission, supporting the transmission and also acting as an axis for the swingarm assembly.

It is important to properly orientate the two spacers. The shouldered side of the spacer must go against the transmission case. Use the flat jack, beneath your motor, to make small adjustments in order to align and slide the pivot shaft into place. You can tap the shaft through with a plastic hammer, but the install should be relatively effortless. Snug the nut onto the end of the shaft.

Finally, you will install the two small brackets on the front, lower, right & left sides of the Harley 5 speed trans case. These brackets can only be installed one way. The right side bracket is flat. The left side has an offset. After all the hardware has been snugged evenly; tighten all hardware to the proper factory torque specifications.

Now is a good time to lay our wiring harness over the frame. We will look at this in our next install video.