Harley Davidson Mount Removal

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Duration: 6:06

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In this video, Bob and Mark are minutes away from removing the transmission, and later, the motor on the Softail. Let’s look at right side engine mount removal.

More Room

As many Hoggers already know; you can also be preparing to remove, only, the motor at this point. It is possible to remove the motor while leaving the transmission mounted. It will be more difficult because there is less room for tipping the motor, but if you are careful and have another set of hands to help manipulate the heavy Big Twin, you will be on your way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with removing the motor this way if you can achieve this without damaging anything. The Harley Davidson mount is easy to remove.

Take the Extra Steps

We typically prefer to remove the transmission before pulling a motor. It does take a few more steps but this opens up much more space for tipping the motor out and you can more thoroughly clean the motorcycle and removed components. With the engine bolts removed the Harley Davidson mount can be put back in place till the components are fully supported.

Right Side

The transmission and motor must be removed from the right side of the frame. Never try removing your motor if the clutch cable, or rear brake line are installed, or in harm’s way.

Also, remember to unplug any sensors or clamps that may still be connected to the motor. It is also favorable to lift the motor with a hoist or a chain fall but not too many of us have that option.