Harley Davidson Transmission Removal

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Duration: 14:32

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Bob and Mark are really close to having this Twin Cam Softail stripped down to it’s bare frame. Once the Harley Davidson transmission and engine are removed, they will be down to only a rolling chassis.

Starter Removal

First, we need to get the starter out of the way before Harley Davidson transmission removal can be done. There are two wires on the starter. One is beneath the battery positive cable and powers the main breaker. The other wire clips onto the starter. This wire triggers your starter from the start button via the starter relay. Tuck those wires, safety, aside for now. They will be removed with the entire wiring harness later.


Next, disconnect the neutral switch and rear brake switch wires. Tuck those aside.

Remove the vehicle speed sensor from the transmission case. It is a good idea to wrap this sensor with a clean shop towel before setting aside. Don’t forget to block the hole in the transmission case. If you do not have a plastic/rubber plug, you can use a clean shop towel or masking tape.

Harley Davidson Transmission Removal

Now we are ready to begin removing the transmission case. Use a flat jack with a block of wood to help support the motor. Up to now, the transmission has been supporting the back of the motor. Unbolt the left and right side transmission links located on the lower front sides of the transmission.

These links are side specific, so be sure to label, or lay them out accordingly. Lastly, loosen and remove the swing arm axis/pivot shaft. Note the position of the two pivot shaft spacers. The spacers are shouldered. The shouldered side of the spacer must be against the transmission case during reassembly. Again, label or lay these parts out in a manner that will aid you during reassembly. Now to finish the Harley Davidson transmission removal, you can slowly lift up on the transmission case while tipping slightly downward in the front; rotating the case up and out of the frame.

With the transmission on the bench, the motor’s rocker boxes are covered with masking tape as well as the frame down tubes; we are ready to move forward and pull this motor.