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Inspect Harley Oil Lines and Brake System

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Inspection of Harley oil lines and brake lines and fittings is simple and straightforward but it is not something to be taken lightly or forgotten.

Mike makes an excellent point at the beginning of this short video.

If you have chosen to perform all of your own maintenance, it is important that you cover everything that a professional tech would cover during a regularly scheduled service at a dealership or a reputable independent shop. It is important for warranty and, more importantly, your own safety or the safety of your passenger that these procedures are performed.

If you commit to performing your own maintenance but only replace your fluids, you are only performing a fraction of the mandatory maintenance that is required. Take the time to complete these simple inspections & procedures. Most of these service points do not add any expense to your service. They only take more time and effort.

When covering brake line inspection, it is important to begin inspection at the front and rear master cylinders. Work outward from there, covering every line, fitting, & junction. Inspect the ABS unit. Look for possible leakage or “sweating” at all joints or unions.

As for the Harley oil lines, it is a good idea to begin inspection at the oil cooler and trace the Harley oil lines from there. Inspect everything possible without having to disassemble any one part of the motorcycle.

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