Harley Six Speed Transmission Rebuild – Part 5

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Duration: 14:49

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We are almost ready to install our Harley 6 speed gear set back into the transmission case. At this point, inspect your shifter pawl assembly. If the splines on the shift shaft are worn or stripped, it is of utmost importance that the assembly is replaced now, before moving forward. The shift pawl assembly is all the way inside the transmission case. You can not remove or replace it without a complete disassembly of both, your primary drive and transmission. If your transmission shift arm was even slightly loose, it is important to now take the time to replace the shift pawl assembly.

Protect The Spines

With a new transmission door gasket on the trap door, we are ready to slide the Harley 6 speed gear set back into the transmission. Mike uses clear packing tape on the spines of the mainshaft as to not disturb the new mainshaft seal that was installed in the end of the main drive gear. The Harley 6 speed gear set should easily slide into position.

Loctite A Must

Install the trap door hardware with a little red Loctite and torque the hardware to the factory torque spec of 18 foot pounds. Loctite is especially important on any door hardware that also secures an exhaust bracket. Without thread locker, the added vibration will loosen the door bolts and eventually create a transmission fluid leak.

Slide the clutch release pushrod into the end of the mainshaft and install the transmission end cover/clutch release cover. Secure with a little blue Loctite and torque to factory spec. Moving back onto the left side of the motorcycle, a specialty tool is used to press on a new inner primary bearing race. The race has a very tight tolerance fit. It is helpful to apply a little heat to the race to aid in installation. Do not drive this race on too close to the main drive gear end. You can use the race remover to gauge correct depth. It is important to be able to fit the race remover between the race and main drive gear.

Factory Torque Sequence

Install the front pulley and torque the large pulley nut according to the factory sequence and spec. Install the transmission shift arm and shift through all six gears before moving forward. If you can easily find all six gears and neutral, you can install the transmission top cover. The Harley 6 speed transmission rebuild is complete.

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