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Experience the Essence of Alaska at Lake Clark National Park

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You know it from the pamphlets and the commercials, but have you experienced it firsthand? While the pictures and videos are remarkable, the only way to truly grasp the scale and majesty of Alaska is to see it for yourself. Unspoiled wilderness, breathtaking vistas and limitless adventure can be found in all corners of this enormous, life-affirming state. If you dream of being amazed, you deserve a trip to Alaska. And there’s no better place to start your journey than at Lake Clark National Park.

Lake Clark National Park: A Microcosm of Alaska

With more than 360,000 square miles to its name, of course you’re bound to find an array of ecosystems, landscapes and wildlife in the parks of Alaska. The choice for discovery is yours, whether you wander the coastline and observe the icefields and sea creatures or make your way inland to trek the forests and meet a moose face to face.

However, few parks in the Frontier State boast most of the countless things for which Alaska is known. Massive mountains, rushing rivers, powerful waterfalls and forest and meadow teeming with diverse flora and fauna. All of this lies in wait for you in Lake Clark National Park, a land known to many travelers as “the essence of Alaska.”

Stretched along the east shore of Cook Inlet in the southwest region of the state, Lake Clark National Park is speckled with pristine lakes, snow-capped volcanoes and salmon-rich streams. It’s a back-to-back showcase of scenic wonders and a sanctuary for wildlife and the human spirit, and it can only be reached by boat or by air. In fact, locals will attest that the only way to fully capture the gravity and enormity of Lake Clark National Park is to hop in a bush plane and witness from above. So what are you waiting for? Lake Clark is calling your name!

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