Motorcycle Lift Safety and Tips

Duration: 6:08

Maintenance is not only for our Harley-Davidsons. We need to maintain our tools, instruments and even lifts. Here is a walk through on a motorcycle table lift for safety and tips.

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Shop Safety – Fire Extinguisher

Fire Safety

First Aid

Medical Supplies

Threadlocking Agents & Thread Repair


Stripped Thread Repair Tip


Rust Removal

Detailing Your Hog

Bug Removal

Waterproof or Resistant

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4 Responses to “Motorcycle Lift Safety and Tips”
  1. riceinwa

    What a great instructor you are! Incredibly thorough and exact. I’ve never heard you give any advice without a good explanation and a “why”!

    Another great video on a much ignored piece of gear.

    • FixMyHog

      Bob is a great teacher – Mark too but silent! Thanks for your feedback

  2. mark lewis
    mark lewis

    Just got lift table last week after 8 years rolling around on ground to get under the frame. Bob had good demo on table use & operation, especially good was clearing work area to lower table or to raise table. Keep work floor area clutter free to avoid trip hazards. Falling can be a painful & embarrassing experience.