Motorcycle Shocks vs Car Shocks: What’s the Difference?

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For more than 30 years, Arnott has been the leader in air suspension. Arnott understands the different needs of car automobile air suspension and motorcycle air suspension. Arnott has a world class team of engineers, R&D, and testing to design precision custom made tuning for your ride.

There are many different brands and styles of motorcycle shocks available. Harley Davidson touring models have been sold with air assist style shocks for many years. The stock assembly consists of a spring and oil system and air is manually pumped into the shock. The OEM motorcycle shocks can only hold up to about 50 psi. If you are looking for a custom tuned ride, you are very limited with the stock shock system.

There are many different versions of air cylinder shocks on the market. These shocks can be very expensive. They are really cool for raising and lowering the motorcycle; Which is excellent when you are in a parking lot or driveway and want to impress your buddies. However, this style shock does not have a spring and damper system that controls the motion of the shock. These simple air cylinders can not respond to the conditions of the road which may cause safety problems.

In short, you can spend a lot of money to make your bike raise up & down but gain zero performance.

Arnott’s patented true air technology is true motorcycle air suspension. It’s powered by an onboard air compressor that is adjustable via a handlebar mounted thumb switch. This allows the rider to raise or lower the shock length for riding, parking, and really finding the custom tune feel whether you are riding solo, with a passenger, or with luggage.

Arnott’s kits are manufactured right here in the USA. They feature custom valve monotube shocks, deflective disc, and velocity sensitive dampening. These motorcycle shocks are of the highest quality but offered at an affordable price.

Arnott’s motorcycle shocks are specifically made for your year and model Harley Davidson. They are guaranteed to work and give you the performance you are looking for. These monotube shocks feature a single cylinder designed to prevent fade you may experience with a stock shock. Shocks are machined of aircraft quality aluminum, have internal bump stops, internal multi-ply rubber air bladders, and application specific bushings.

If you are riding a Milwaukee Eight, Arnott has you covered in all models. Did we mention these shocks are completely made in the USA.

When you are ready to improve your motorcycle’s ride and handling, check out the full line of Arnott’s air suspension.

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