Review of Harley Slip on Mufflers by Cobra

Duration: 2:59

What can I do to add some sound and performance to my ride without adding an air intake and remapping the EFI?
Let’s look at a great starting point, the slip-on muffler. It’s easy and cost conscious to remove your stock mufflers and add a performance based muffler.

This Cobra mufflers come with 3-inch cores encased in proprietary Cobra sound tuning materials with specific acoustical dampening and thermal insulation properties. The basso profondo notes are made possible because of class-leading resonance absorption and prevention.

The frequency and location of the perforation patterns in the high-flo cores creates significant sound scattering in the mid frequencies, which helps to enhance the low frequency tones. The high-flo core itself is a massive 3-inches in diameter which gives the muffler an aggressive look without the objectionable sound levels.

All Cobra exhausts and slip-on mufflers are made in the U.S. and come with a limited lifetime warranty that even covers discoloration. They use precision laser cut mounting brackets and stainless steel clamps to mount to the stock headpipes or to Cobra’s PowerPort Dual headpipes.

Cobra even has sound files for all their exhaust.
Check them out: Ride Along – Listen

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    • Dennis Santopietro
      Dennis Santopietro

      Hi Gilberto, Have you clicked on the link to Cobra’s Ride a Long – Listen? They have sound files for their exhausts.