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Softail M8 Battery Removal and Replacement

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Accessing or removing and replacing the M8 battery on your Softail is no longer the easy task that it used to be.

For many years, Softail and Touring owners did not need to do much other than remove their seats in order to access their batteries. For better or for worse, the M8 battery location and Softail have now been completely redesigned. M8 Battery R&R or maintenance is now a bit of a project. Nobody likes the design of this new battery compartment, but we are all going to have to get used to it.

It is best for all of us to master the procedure correctly to try avoiding further aggravation.
To remove the M8 battery; start with the seat, right side cover, oil dipstick/fill plug, and small plastic cover removed. The negative post is easy to access. Remove the negative battery post screw and remove the negative battery cable.

Disconnect the speed sensor plug and release its harness from it plastic retaining clips. Move aside wiring harness that is obstructing the area. Pry back on the metal retaining clip and depress the top and side plastic tabs in order to release and remove the battery retainer. Now, with the M8 battery partially exposed, use a long Phillips screwdriver to remove the positive battery cable retaining screw. Now, you can use the battery strap that is below the battery to aid in sliding the battery out from the right side of the battery compartment.

When the M8 battery is removed, it is important to clean both terminals. If the batteries health is in question, we suggest that you have the battery load tested at an independent motorcycle repair shop or a local garage.

Reinstalling the battery is the reverse of removal. It is important to be patient and take your time. Especially when it is the first time attempting this procedure. If something does not seem right, stop. Take a step back. You should not need to struggle to get the components back into the original configuration.

Your motorcycle’s battery is an extremely important part of the motorcycle. Be sure to inspect and service your M8 battery regularly.

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