Sportster Cafe Racer Wrap-up

Duration: 5:25

That’s a wrap!

Our 2000 Sportster has been transformed into our modern, alternative version of a Cafe Racer.
A lot of time was put into this project. Beginning with the time spent planning, scheduling, and budgeting. We started with a concept and an idea of what year and model Sportsters we could use for the concept.

After scouring our area for the right bike at the right price, we finally settled on a 2000 883 Sportster with a motor that had already been upgraded to a 1200, purchase price was $2,400.

With help from some of our favorite sponsors, we developed a design, a parts list, a budget, and a schedule that we would do our best to stick to.

A number of stock components were sent out for (black) powder coating. These parts included, front and rear fenders, rotors, battery covers, and lower sliders.

Our buddy Nate Beck at Fifth Street Customs provided the custom handlebars which were outfitted with Performance Machine controls and switch assemblies courtesy of Revzilla. Revzilla also supplied us with our fuel tank, seat pan & seat assembly, and the Burly front fork lowering kit. Roland Sands Design hooked us up with the grips.

Mounted to the handlebars is a digital speedometer / multi gauge compliments of Dakota Digital.

Once again, Barnett came through for us big time by setting us up with, not only, braided cables, but also a Scorpion clutch assembly.

The black S&S Super E carburetor assembly with the S&S Stealth air cleaner assembly with “muscle” cover gives us a great look and performance we can dial in.

And, don’t forget about the TC Brothers mid controls and marker plate assembly.

Above the rear tire, courtesy of Dunlop, sit Progressive Suspension 412 rear shocks. Complemented by a new Dunlop front tire on a new spoke wheel.

Anytime you are attempting to install a performance upgrade or attempting to customize your Harley Davidson, it is extremely important to reference, not only manufacturers instructions, but also your factory service manual. This is important for your safety while working, your safety when riding, and to avoid damaging anything during assembly.

Make sure you know the basics with our maintenance and specialty projects videos. The more you know, the easier a project like this will be.

Hope everyone enjoyed following us throughout this project. We look forward to doing more projects like this in the future.

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