• Harley Tools and Products

    Harley Tools and Products

    Harley tools are not only specialty tools like JIMS and Kent Moore but many that you have in your garage already. Bob LaRosa gives us a great overview on some of the basic tools we need to service our Harley-Davidson from oil-change to custom part install. Bob shows us that tools are only part of…

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  • Harley Sportster Battery Removal

    Harley Sportster Battery Removal & Seat Removal

    In this quick demonstration of the Harley Sportster battery removal, you’ll learn how to remove your bike’s seat and side cover so you can check on the condition of your battery and its operating components. It is strongly recommended that you remove the negative cable of the battery first and replace it last when servicing your bike. If you remove the positive cable first, you risk causing a dangerous spark if the battery comes in contact with your bike’s frame. Bob has been dealing with these batteries for years and removes the neg from the battery. If this is your first time, we highly suggest removing neg from ground stud on the crankcase boss(see images)with wobble extension.

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  • Harley Oil Change Clutch & Primary Chain Adjustment

    Harley Oil Change Clutch & Primary Chain Adjustment

    Bob and Mark teach you how to properly service important parts on your bike, including draining and replenishing the fluids, adjusting the clutch and the primary chain, inspecting the clutch cable and servicing the kickstand. They pinpoint a few problems to look for when servicing each of the parts, and give you some tips on how to deal with any of these possible problems. They also stress the importance of paying particular attention when removing and re-installing parts.

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  • Harley Sportster spark plugs replacement

    Harley Sportster Spark Plugs Replacement

    Bob teaches you how to service the spark plugs on your Harley’s engine. Although you can clean and service your old spark plugs, Bob recommends just buying new ones because they are fairly inexpensive. You should purchase gapped, Harley-only spark plugs which usually come with a gap of 38-43,000th of an inch. After applying some anti-seize to the threads of the new plugs, you can thread them into the cylinder by hand and tighten them with a torque wrench and you’ll be good to go.

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  • Throttle Cable Lubrication & Adjustment / Air Filter Replacement / Enrichener Cable Service

    Throttle Cable Lubrication & Adjustment / Air Filter Replacement / Enrichener Cable Service

    Bob takes you through the step-by-step process for throttle cable service and adjustment, and air cleaner service or replacement. He discusses the different parts in the throttle system, their specific roles and how to clean and take care of them, then teaches you about the elements of the air cleaner.

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  • Harley Fork Oil Service

    Harley Fork Oil Service

    Bob and Mark demonstrate the best way to empty Harley fork oil from your Sportster’s front fork sliders and replace it with new oil. It can be a two-man job, so try to complete the service with a friend. Newer bikes mostly use 39-millimeter forks, but most bikes are preset with varying levels of spring in the sliders, so consult your manual before you begin this service. Like any other service, you should clean all of the parts that you remove with parts cleaner to ensure that your bike operates smoothly between services.

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  • Harley Fall Away Adjustment & Steering Head Bearings Lube

    Harley Fall Away Adjustment & Steering Head Bearings Lube

    Bob and Mark demonstrate the process for lubricating your Harley’s steering head bearings and adjusting the fall-away. As always, Bob stresses the importance of adequately prepping all bolts, consulting your user manual to be sure everything is done correctly, covering any painted areas on the bike and, if possible, working with two sets of hands.

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  • How To Bleed Motorcycle Brakes after Brake Pad Service

    How To Bleed Motorcycle Brakes after Brake Pad Service

    Bob bleeds for us. Well, he bleeds the front brakes on this custom caliper set up. He notes the two bleeder set up and that we should remove old fluid before replacing with new. Check your manual DOT4 and DOT5 do not mix. They go pro with the use of a Brake Bleeder that pushes…

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  • Harley Front Wheel Removal & Replacement

    Harley Front Wheel Removal & Replacement

    Bob and Mark show you how to remove and replace the Harley front wheel on your Sportster. They teach you the proper way to take off the brake caliper and wheel axle so you can do whatever you need to do to the front tire. Once the wheel is off you can replace the tire, retrue the spokes or check the rotor.

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