Travel Tool List

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What tools do you need to carry on a HD motorcycle?

The wind in your face and the pavement screaming below your wheels. That’s what we want 24/7/365.

Reality is we ride a mechanical beast that might need some tinkering with while we are out there exploring the great unknown.

So, what tools do you need to carry on a HD motorcycle? Here’s a travel tool list to put in a compact tool pouch.

Yes a tool pouch, add a 10mm for those battery connectors that can get loose after pounding the pavement all day long. A mini-ratchet, some blue threadlocker is always helpful, some zip ties, bungee cord, bailing wire, multi tool bits and handle, spark plug gapper, ⅝ socket and proper ratchet and extension, locking pliers, allen wrenches, some open end combo wrenches, crescent wrench, tire pressure gauge, box cutter.

If you can fit a multi-charger, it is great to have. You can jump start your bike and charge your phone. A charged phone can allow you to watch Fix My Hog videos! It even has a flashlight.

Bring some electrical tape and a quality tire plug kit can save you from being stranded.

This is a travel tool starter list. You will need to customize your pouch for your year and model Harley.

Enjoy the ride.

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