• FMH 011997f_Y0C99U_c​ Time Stands Still At Petrified Forest National Par PREMIUM

    Millions of years can do a lot to change a landscape. Mountain glaciers frozen for eons eventually heat up and melt and a river rushes forth. Mighty lakes evaporate and leave behind vast salt flats. Or, in the case of much of the American west, lush forest and diverse swampland slowly dies away and leaves… Read more »

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  • FMH 011995f_Y0C97U_c Discover Life Renewed At Lassen Volcanic National Park PREMIUM

    For three years, fire and rock burst into the sky, sending smoke and ash miles high. Almost 300 times over the course of 36 months, a boiling and churning cauldron of gas and white hot liquid earth exploded, scattering huge portions of the mountain, melting away entire cliff faces and completely rearranging the horizon. After… Read more »

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  • FMH 011994f_Y0C96U_c​ Redwood National Park - California At Its Wildest FREE

    There are certain places on Earth that make us marvel at the true power of Mother Nature and contemplate the wonders of this planet. Whether it’s their scale or their beauty, these natural creations are awe-inspiring and regal. Such is the case of Redwood National Park, where ancient wooden behemoths loom large over a spectacular… Read more »

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  • FMH 011992f_Y0C94U_c Marvel At The Scale Of Great Sand Dunes National Park PREMIUM

    In an ever-shrinking world where personal space seems to only grow smaller, it’s hard to imagine there are still places on Earth that continue to expand. But it’s true, thanks to Mother Nature’s powerful forces, there do exist primitive regions of the planet where wind and rain and heat are constantly adding to already magical… Read more »

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  • FMH 011990f_Y0C92U_c Great Basin National Park - A Different Kind Of Desert PREMIUM

    The Great Basin of the American west is a colossal stretch of land, spanning more than two-thirds of Arizona, as well as portions of Utah, Idaho, Oregon and California. This mixing bowl of countless ecosystems and landscapes is home to some of the most unique plant- and wildlife in the world. It’s also home to… Read more »

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  • FMH 011988f_Y0C90U_c Paddle Among Giants At Congaree National Park PREMIUM

    In the heart of South Carolina, just 20 miles from the state’s capital, Columbia, there stands a miraculous example of what happens when an ecosystem remains undisturbed and nature can flourish. This place is Congaree National Forest, a sprawling stretch of forest, swamp and wildlife. Forests like the wetland woods of Congaree National Park are… Read more »

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  • 011891f_Y0C62u_c

    Together, they form the backbone of America. They are cold, ruthless and breathtaking. They are an experience unlike any other. They are the Rockies. Boasting a number of the tallest peaks in the continental United States, Rocky Mountain National Park is unspoiled, untarnished, true wilderness. Even at the peak of summer, the towering cliffs of… Read more »

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  • 011890f_Y0C61u_c

    There’s nothing quite as magnificent to behold in all the world as the Grand Canyon. Carved into existence over the course of eons, shaped by water and wind, ever adapting to the sensibilities of Mother Nature, Grand Canyon National Park is a natural wonder in the truest sense of the word. Only in person can… Read more »

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  • 011889f_Y0C60u_c

    Few places in the world boast more diverse landscape and wildlife than Yosemite National Park. Spanning more than 5,700 acres of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, Yosemite is home to time-chiseled granite skyscrapers, icy glacial trails, serene mountain meadows and miraculous plummeting waterfalls. This remarkable park has played host to some of the greatest thinkers… Read more »

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