• Harley Davidson specialty tools and products

    Bob gives us a great overview of the basic and Harley Davidson specialty tools we need to service our Harley-Davidson. From oil-change to custom part installation. These tools are readily available and you might have most of them in your garage already. Bob shows us that tools are only part of what we need to…

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  • Harley Davidson Charging System

    Tech review of the Harley Davidson charging system. Here’s an easy way to make sure your battery is charging. Everyone is at your house and ready to ride. You saddle up and CLICK, your Harley-Davidson does not start. Bob and Mark review an easy way to check your battery and make sure it’s staying charged.…

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  • Harley Davidson oil change on a Softail

    Follow along as Bob teaches you how to drain the fluids on your Harley Softail, including the primary, engine oil and the transmission drain plugs. You’ll also learn how to expertly reinstall the oil filter, and which parts must be replaced each time you service your motorcycle. Find your model here and do maintenance on your Harley.

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  • Harley Clutch Adjustment on a Softail or Dyna

    Bob teaches you how to adjust the clutch and primary chain on your Harley Softail or Dyna model. Be sure to achieve free play on the clutch cable to verify that you have proper adjustment on the clutch cable pack, and check for the proper specs in your service manual for adjusting the primary chain (if your model has the adjustment window). Bob finishes by mentioning that when you are doing this type of repair, only factory service gaskets should be used.

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  • Harley Transmission Oil Change

    In this video, Bob and Mark teach you how to replace the fluids on your Softail by cleaning the drain plugs, refilling the primary, updating the Harley’s O-rings, refilling the oil and replacing the tranny plug. The steps are quick and simple, but you should take great care in getting the amounts and specifications correct.…

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  • HD Spark Plugs Service and Replacement

    Fuel and Spark are very important for your Harley-Davidson to run. Here’s a quick look at HD spark plugs. Next Video: Harley Fork Oil Change Softail / Dyna Related Video: Removing and Replacing Harley Fork Oil Dyna

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  • Harley Fork Oil Change Softail / Dyna

    Bob teaches you how to remove the necessary caps and screws on the front fork of your Softail or Dyna to drain the fluid and clean the parts. He recommends only using brake cleaner, not carb cleaner. Once you’ve drained the fork and replaced any old parts, check your user manual to find the type and amount of fluid that you should use to refill the fork.

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  • Harley Throttle Cable Adjustment

    Bob demonstrates step-by-step the proper way to readjust the throttle cable on your Harley Softail or Dyna by first adjusting the pull open cable. Then he shows you how to remove and clean or replace the air-cleaning element, and finally how to install Harley’s newest model of their fuel-injected carburetor. Next Video: Harley Rear Brake…

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  • Harley Rear Brake Caliper and Pad Service

    Bob teaches his simple technique for easy access to the Softail and Dyna rear brake to service the brake pads and caliper, as well as how to replace them afterwards. He stresses the importance of only using brake cleaner on each of these parts. Then he shows you how to check the level and condition of brake fluid in the rear master cylinder.

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