• fmh-012737f_y0d46u_c-left-fork-assembly-premium

    With the left and right fork tube assemblies completely disassembled, Bob has thoroughly cleaned anything that will be reused and is ready to begin reassembly. The fork tubes will be reassembled using Performance Machine lower sliders, Progressive Suspension monotube fork cartridge kit, and James Gasket 49mm seal kit. Left and right sides will be assembled… Read more »

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  • fmh-012735f_y0d44u_c-draining-fork-tubes-premium

    In this video, Bob walks you through the complete disassembly of the Harley fork tubes on a 2014 Street Glide. There are a few specialty tools needed in order to service this fork assembly. You will need a 12mm allen, a 19mm allen, a fork tube holder (Jims Tools is probably your best bet), and… Read more »

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  • fmh-012734f_y0d43u_c-monotube-cartridge-kit-free

    Thanks to Progressive Suspension, high performance front suspension is now finally available for 2014 and newer Harley Davidson touring models. The Progressive monotube has combined ride smoothing Frequency Sensing Technology (FST) damper with a progressive rate spring to create a state of the art fork cartridge assembly for the late model Harley Davidson Baggers. The… Read more »

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  • fmh-012731f_y0d40u_c-removing-standard-front-forks-premium

    Bob and Mark have begun disassembly of the 2014 FLHX front end. This disassembly is in anticipation of Performance Machine lower fork sliders, bells, and Monotube fork cartridge kit. Another reason you might remove the forks on this model and many others would be to change the fork oil, replace fork seals, or complete other… Read more »

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  • 012729f_y0d38u_c-front-tire-caliper-fender-removal-premium

    We have a beautiful set of Performance Machine lower sliders and fork slider covers that we will be installing on our Street Glide. Before we lay out our new chrome parts, we have some work to do on this motorcycle. Caliper Removal We already have the motorcycle secured to our lift with straps and a… Read more »

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  • Harley Compensator Sprocket

    The instructions for Baker’s compensator sprocket kit upgrade are straightforward and easy to understand. As usual, Fix My Hog suggests that a factory service manual is also available for reference for the Harley compensator sprocket removal. Prep Bob begins by draining the primary drive oil and removing the outer primary cover. You can use a… Read more »

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  • Baker Compensator

    Upgrade Bob is almost ready to begin assembly of the Baker compensator assembly upgrade. First, the engine crank shaft internal threads must be thoroughly cleaned. Baker recommends that the threads are chased with either a 9/16 – 12 bottoming tap, or with a 9/16 – 12 thread chaser. Be very careful not to damage any… Read more »

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  • Baker Compensator Kit

    We move forward with the Baker compensator kit install and before the new compensator bolt is finally torqued, it is important to confirm or adjust for correct primary chain alignment. The primary chain must be traveling in a straight line across the compensating sprocket and the gears of the clutch basket. If it does not… Read more »

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  • 012727f_y0d36u_c-outer-primary-cover-grind-premium

    Modification Your Harley outer primary cover may have an oil deflector that is cast into the inside, top, front of the outer primary cover. This deflector was designed to aid in the lubrication of the stock Harley Davidson compensator assembly. If you have this deflector, it will need to be removed from the primary cover…. Read more »

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