• 23:24

    Barnett Lock Up Clutch and Extra Plate Kit Install

    Barnett Lock Up Clutch and Extra Plate Kit Mike has a 2010 Road King on the lift and is ready to install the Barnett lock up clutch along with Barnett’s extra plate clutch kit. This innovative lock-up assembly is an excellent performance upgrade. Whether you are riding two up, weighed down with luggage, pulling a…

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  • 7:03

    Barnett Product Review

    Barnett Tool & Engineering has been manufacturing some of the best products for motorcycles since 1948. We are happy to be working with a great company that keeps innovating products to make our rides better in several ways including performance. Coil Spring Conversion Kit Lock-up Pressure Plate Low profile lock-up billet pressure plate. Specifically designed…

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  • 21:41

    Harley Davidson Stator Removal

    How do you know if your charging system, which consists of the Harley Davidson stator and rotor, is functioning properly? Mike walks us through the process of a full charging system test, along with the removal of a complete Harley Davidson stator and rotor assembly on a Twin Cam touring model. If your Harley Davidson’s…

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  • 26:03

    Harley Davidson Stator Replacement

    Overview of Harley Davidson Stator Replacement Have you determined that your charging system was not functioning properly? In this video, Mike walks us through the process of a full charging system test, along with the removal of a complete charging system on a Twin Cam touring model. He demonstrates the stator replacement with a 50…

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  • 28:33

    Harley LED Install

    Harley LED upgrades and conversions are an excellent way to improve your visibility, your night vision, and the look of your Harley Davidson. These upgrades have become increasingly popular especially because they are often very straightforward and quick to accomplish. There is Harley LED lighting available for headlight, passing lamps, taillight, turn signals, fender tip…

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  • 18:36

    Heated Motorcycle Grips Install: Part 1

    Heated Motorcycle Grips Extend Riding Season Heated motorcycle grips are a really popular upgrade that most riders would prefer to have on their motorcycle. There are several on the market to choose from. These heaters are also available for, both, a conventional throttle or for throttle by wire. The instructions for heated motorcycle grips are…

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  • 18:37

    Heated Motorcycle Grips Install: Part 2

    Mike already has the right side heater in position. The heated grips wires and power wires have been snaked through the handlebars and bars have been drilled to accommodate the heater switch and switch wires. With the right side heater wires and the power wires (power and ground) all routed and exiting the left side…

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  • 7:12

    Chrome Fork Slider Covers

    We have a beautiful set of Performance Machine lower sliders and fork slider covers that we will be installing on our Street Glide. Before we lay out our new chrome parts, we have some work to do on this motorcycle. Caliper Removal We already have the motorcycle secured to our lift with straps and a…

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  • 7:15

    Harley Fork Sliders Removal

    Bob and Mark have begun disassembly of the 2014 FLHX front end. This disassembly is in anticipation of Performance Machine lower fork sliders, bells, and Monotube fork cartridge kit. Another reason you might remove the forks on this model and many others would be to change the fork oil, replace fork seals, or complete other…

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