• 28:33

    Harley LED Install

    Harley LED upgrades and conversions are an excellent way to improve your visibility, your night vision, and the look of your Harley Davidson. These upgrades have become increasingly popular especially because they are often very straightforward and quick to accomplish. There is Harley LED lighting available for headlight, passing lamps, taillight, turn signals, fender tip…

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  • Cobra Freeway Bars

    Cobra Freeway Bars

    Bob LaRosa gives us a look at the Cobra Freeway Bars or Case Guards as they call them. Most Harley’s do not come with freeway bars and this optional accessory from Cobra gives a great opportunity to customize our rides. Some riders add them to go for the retro look and to add some style…

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  • cobra powrflo air intake

    Cobra Powrflo Air Intake

    Bob LaRosa gives us a little fresh air with the Cobra PowrFlo air intake review. You are getting more performance and sound out of your exhaust and now you need to feed the motor more air. This video goes over the benefits of adding an aftermarket air intake to your motorcycle and why Cobra’s PowrFlo…

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  • Harley Fuel Injection

    Harley Fuel Injection Buyer’s Guide to Dennis Kirk

    Bob LaRosa walks us through the heart of your Harley fuel injection upgrade process. A mini computer that is the fuel management system. We need to have the ECM upgraded for the performance exhaust, muffler, and air intake systems we install. Watch this Harley fuel injection buyers guide video and Bob will review each systems…

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  • 3:38

    Cobra Fuel Management

    You found the exhaust with the sound and performance gains you want. You picked out an air intake that will increase the flow of air to your engine. Now what? Bob LaRosa gives us a look at the brains behind the braun. The fuel management system. Think “jet kit” for a carburetor on steroids that…

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  • 3:26

    Cobra Motorcycle Exhaust: The PowrPort Crossover

    Our partnership with Cobra brings us this video on the full Cobra motorcycle exhaust. You’ve done your research and you want to add a full exhaust, air intake and fuel management system to your Hog. Bob LaRosa reviews Cobra’s PowrPort crossover exhaust and what you need to have in order to get that next level…

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  • 9:51

    Fix My Hog Reviews Cobra Exhaust and More

    “How do I get more horsepower out of my Harley?” and “How can I make my Harley louder?” are some of the top questions we get here at Fix My Hog. We teamed up with Cobra to walk through the most common upgrades to a stock Harley-Davidson. Bob LaRosa explains the stock exhaust, air intake…

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  • Review of Harley Slip on Mufflers by Cobra | Fix My Hog

    Review of Harley Slip on Mufflers by Cobra

    What can I do to add some sound and performance to my ride without adding an air intake and remapping the EFI? Let’s look at a great starting point, the slip-on muffler. It’s easy and cost conscious to remove your stock mufflers and add a performance based muffler. This Cobra mufflers come with 3-inch cores…

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  • 45:48

    Harley Air Suspension Install with Arnott

    In this video Bob walks us through the installation of this kit on a 1200 Sportster. This is a really cool addition to any Touring, Dyna or Sportster model Harley Davidson. The install is straightforward, but there is some planning you will need to do before getting started. As always, Bob reminds us how important…

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