• Under the Harley Davidson Trike | Fix My Hog

    Bob LaRosa and the crew bring us under the secure and safe Harley Davidson Trike. Bob points out the exhaust, auxiliary drive motor (reverse), cables, drive sprocket, belt, shocks, swing arm assembly, rear axle adjusters, and parking brake. With the trike in the air it’s a good time to do any cleaning and inspection of… Read more »

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  • Harley Davidson Trike Rear Suspension Adjustment | FMH

    We all like a smooth ride and to ensure one Bob LaRosa reviews rear suspension adjustment on the Harley Davidson Trike. First he reviews the tire pressure guide under the cover and exposes the Schrader valve. We love graphs and the manual shows us solo rider, solo rider with luggage, rider with passenger and fully… Read more »

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  • Learn how to Handle a Harley Tri Glide Brake Bleed | FMH

    The braking system on your Harley Trike or any motorcycle for that matter is one of the most important systems you have to maintain. We all love the wind in our hair or running over our bald heads. We also know what it’s like for someone or something to jump out in front of us…. Read more »

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  • Harley Tri Glide Parking Brake Adjustment | Fix My Hog

    Here’s something you do not see on many motorcycles: a parking brake. The Tri Glide parking brake adjustment is part of your regular service. Most of the service internals allow you to make adjustments via the knob on the arm. You will need to perform a more detailed parking brake adjustment as you add miles… Read more »

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  • Learn How To Replace Harley Trike Rear Brakes

    This video reviews how to maintain your Harley Trike rear brake pads. This video reviews the brake pad and rotor specs for replacement. Bob LaRosa shows us how to remove the pads and notes that the disc brake function is similar to the other Touring models with a master cylinder and brake fluid. He will… Read more »

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  • Harley Trike Wheels Removal & Maintenance | Fix My Hog

    You will find that the Harley Tri Glide rear wheels are similar to your car rims. To remove them from the motorcycle you will need to break the lug nuts free while the trike is on the ground, in gear with the parking brake on. Then you can use the proper Tri Glide jacking point… Read more »

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  • Learn How to Jack Up a Motorcycle - Harley Davidson Trike

    If you’ve already learned how to jack up a motorcycle you’ve realized that most Harley-Davidsons are somewhat easy to lift with a jack or table lift compared to the Trike. Now we need to figure out a way to get this Harley Tri Glide up in the air. Bob reviews the main differences when lifting… Read more »

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  • Harley Davidson Trike Reviews: 103 Trike Intro | FMH

    We have had many requests to show Harley trike maintenance. Bob LaRosa starts with a Harley Davidson Trike review and some of the obvious differences along with the ones we do not see at first glance. You will need the Touring model (year specific) manual with the trike supplement to proceed with Harley-Davidson Trike maintenance…. Read more »

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