• 11:56

    Touring Maintenance Walk-Through

    M8 and Twin Cam Owners Here’s A Quick Video On How To Maintain Your Touring Model with Fix My Hog Thank you for being a member of Fix My Hog. I’m sure you want to jump right in and get to wrenching on your Harley-Davidson. I put this walk-through together so you can get a…

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  • harley project rushmore

    Harley Project Rushmore

    Everyone is excited about the Harley Project Rushmore Twin Cooled 103ci. The excitement does not exclude Bob, Mark, Dennis, and the rest of us at Fix My Hog. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on one of these bikes. Now, we want to show you what we’ve learned. Form and Function Collide In this…

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  • 7:02

    Harley 103 Battery and Seat Removal

    In this video, Bob goes through Harley seat and Harley battery removal on the 103, Twin Cooled, High Output, Rushmore bike. You should begin every service or repair with Harley Battery removal and Harley seat removal. The most important part would be disconnecting the battery’s negative cable. Off With the Seat Harley seat removal is…

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  • Harley Davidson Transmission Fluid

    Draining Harley Davidson Transmission Fluid on a Touring 103

    In this video, we go through changing transmission fluid on the Rushmore, Twin Cooled 103. This service point is straightforward, with very few steps but it is of utmost importance that it is completed correctly. Underfilling, or overfilling your transmission can cause serious problems for your motorcycle. Start by removing your transmission fill plug/dipstick from…

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  • HD 103

    HD 103 Oil & Filter

    HD 103 Oil & Filter Changing your oil & filter is, probably, the most important regulator service for your motorcycle. It is not a labor-intensive service point, but it is, still, very important to take your time and be precise. You will start by loosening your fill plug and letting it rest in the case…

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  • Harley-Davidson Air Filter Element |

    Twin Cam 103 Harley-Davidson Air Filter Element Service

    Servicing your Harley-Davidson air filter element is an important part of regular service on your Harley Davidson. This is not a difficult or time consuming service point, but it is important to take the time to be thorough. Part Removal The air cleaner cover bolt is hidden behind the “103” insert. This is held on…

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  • Harley-Davidson Liquid Cooled

    Harley-Davidson Liquid Cooled Service

    The High Output, Twin Cooled 103 has a complete cooling system that must be inspected as part of regular, preventive maintenance. This system is very similar to an automotive cooling system.It consists of two radiators, located in the motorcycle’s right and left side lower fairings. It has fans, a thermostat, expansion tank, pressure cap, a…

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  • HD Primary Fluid

    HD Primary Fluid Service TC 103

    HD Primary Fluid Changing the fluid in your primary drive is a service point that will come up frequently in your Harley Davidson factory service schedule. What About Clutch Adjustment? The Twin Cooled 103 comes with a factory hydraulic clutch. This system eliminates clutch adjustment from your scheduled service. There is no adjustment to be…

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  • HD Spark Plugs

    HD Spark Plugs Service

    In this video, Bob walks us through spark plug replacement. It is a fairly quick and easy service point but it is not a task that should be taken lightly. Cross threading a spark plug into a cylinder head, or dropping debris into your cylinder will turn a 5 minute service point into an expensive,…

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