• 2:04

    Milwaukee Eight Service Introduction

    How to Service a Milwaukee Eight Introduction: 37 Step Checklist Harley-Davidson designated the Milwaukee Eight (M8) as the power-plant for Touring and Softail models (Softail videos Here). (Dyna I miss you) We are excited to bring you the Milwaukee Eight service videos to follow along with your factory service manual. We switched it up a…

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  • 5:25

    How To Drain Milwaukee 8 Fluids

    How To Drain Milwaukee 8 Fluids: 4 Easy Steps Mike has the Milwaukee 8 secured to the lift and is ready to begin the service. Step 1: Warm Up It is always a good idea to begin with the motorcycle “warmed up”. This way, the oils will more quickly and thoroughly drain from their corresponding…

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  • 1:53

    Check Operation of Electrical Equipment and Switches

    Simple but often overlooked. Check operation of electrical equipment and switches before you start to service your Harley Milwaukee Eight. Mike Roen walks you through these easy steps as required by your manual’s checklist. We know it sounds simple and it is. The reason you want to do this before service and every ride is…

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  • 1:46

    Checking Harley Tire Pressure and Inspecting Tread

    Mike’s back to the checklist and check front Harley tire pressure and inspect tread is our next move. Determining whether or not you tires are within spec and setting correct tire air pressure are probably the most vital pre-ride safety checks that need to be completed. Although modern motorcycle tires are manufactured to very high…

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  • 8:51

    How To Remove Milwaukee Eight Gas Tank

    There are many reasons for Harley gas tank removal on a Milwaukee Eight. Until now, removing the Harley gas tank was typically done to perform repair work. On an M8 model, the Harley gas tank will also need to be removed for a regular service procedure; spark plug replacement. The M8 has four spark plugs;…

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  • 10:15

    Inspect and Replace Front Harley Brake Fluid

    Next on our checklist is front Harley brake fluid inspection. The master cylinder reservoir top cap should be removed at every service interval for fluid inspection/fluid level inspection. In between services, you can simply make a quick inspection through the sight glass at the end of the master cylinder to verify correct Harley brake fluid…

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  • 18:24

    Inspecting Clutch Fluid System for Leaks, Contact or Abrasion

    Harley Davidson clutch bleeding and flushing with DOT 4 fluid for the Harley hydraulic clutch system is a procedure that is often overlooked. The fluid eventually breaks down over time and after hours of repeated use. How the system works is relatively simple. When the Harley hydraulic clutch lever is pulled, the master cylinder assembly…

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  • 1:02

    Check Harley Hand Controls Fastener Switch Housing Screw Torque

    Checking the condition of major fasteners on a Harley Davidson is an important part of every major service. This is where factory torque specs become important. A factory torque spec is an important reference number for two reasons. You need to be certain that hardware is not set too “loose,” and you also refer to…

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  • 1:01

    Check Harley Clutch Lever Handlebar Clamp Screw Torque

    Inspection of all major fasteners is an important part of every major service on a Harley Davidson. Failure to maintain the Harley clutch lever and all fasteners can result in damage or injury. After many repeated service procedures and/or repairs, hardware and threaded castings can become stripped or damaged. Install thread repair inserts when threaded…

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