• 25:49

    Knucklehead Harley Build Part 6: Install Motor and Transmission

    Kevin has the rolling chassis up on the lift and is geared up to install the motor and Knucklehead transmission. Kevin and Mario begin with the motor resting in an engine stand on a rolling cart. They position the heavy motor close to the lift and, together, they carefully lift and set the motor into…

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  • 11:35

    Knucklehead Harley Build Part 5: Assembly

    Kevin is ready to begin reassembly on the Knucklehead Harley. Once again, he points out that this particular project is not to be considered a full restoration. The bike is based on a1947 Knucklehead Harley engine and a Knucklehead frame. However, the overall form and style of the motorcycle will not look the same as…

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  • 7:20

    Knucklehead Chopper Tear Down Part 4: Knucklehead Handlebars

    Tear down of our Knucklehead is nearly complete. Kevin has already removed the fuel tank, the oil tank, the primary drive, the engine, the transmission, the controls, and more. We are down to the bare bones and are now left with only a rolling chassis. The frame is still safely supported and is set securely…

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  • 45:24

    Knucklehead Motor Removal: Part 3

    In this video, Kevin Baas moves along with the disassembly of his Knucklehead. He starts off by removing the top Knucklehead motor mount, keeping hardware and motor mount shims together. Two of the top motor mounts bracket mounting points secure directly onto the intake rocker arm assemblies. The oil tank and rear fender share mounting…

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  • 34:08

    Chopper Tear Down Part 2: Knucklehead Primary

    Kevin “Teach” Baas is set up on the left side of our vintage chopper build and is ready to remove the Knucklehead primary drive. The left side floorboard assembly will block removal of the outer primary cover. Kevin removes the floorboard and moves on to removing the small, fine thread screws that retain the outer…

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  • 31:34

    Knucklehead Chopper Tear Down: Part 1

    You just picked up an antique Harley Davidson, a Harley Knucklehead Chopper in this case. What’s the best way to familiarize yourself with the Knucklehead chopper? Take it completely apart, of course! Every component. Every nut, bolt, and screw. Would you expect us to suggest anything different? A good starting point for this Knucklehead chopper…

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