• The EPA and You - Interview w/ Chris Maida from American Iron Magazine

    The EPA and You: Interview with Chris Maida from American Iron Magazine

    Will the EPA come after me if I change my exhaust? If I get pulled over, will the cops know I have a Stage 1 kit on my motorcycle? All things to consider when we do any upgrades to your Harley-Davidsons. Bob LaRosa and Dennis Santopietro sit down with Chris Maida from American Iron Magazine…

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  • Custom Exhaust Install

    Custom Exhaust Install

    Bob and Mark prep the FL for a custom exhaust install. New gaskets, flanges and hardware prepped with Loctite allow them to put the new exhaust in place. They work together to get mounting bolts in place and install flange nuts. They install the exhaust shields and claps make sure not to scar the new chrome. Make sure you wipe the exhaust down. Any fingerprints left over can leave a mark on the pipes when they get hot.

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  • Custom Exhaust #2

    Custom Exhaust #2

    Bob has a Road King on the rack to show us stock exhaust removal and how to install a performance exhaust for added horsepower. He removes the exhaust flange nuts front and rear. Working top to bottom, off come the stock mounts and retaining bolts. Mark holds the weight of the exhaust as Bob removes floorboard to finish the removal. Bob installs new exhaust gaskets, preps hardware with Loctite where needed and Mark brings in the performance exhaust with new flanges and clips for install.

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