• How To Bleed Motorcycle Brakes after Brake Pad Service

    Bob bleeds for us. Well, he bleeds the front brakes on this custom caliper set up. He notes the two bleeder set up and that we should remove old fluid before replacing with new. Check your manual DOT4 and DOT5 do not mix. They go pro with the use of a Brake Bleeder that pushes…

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  • Harley Brakes - Sportster Rear Pad Replacement

    Bob demonstrates the proper technique for checking, servicing and replacing Harley brakes on the rear wheel caliper of your Harley Sportster. He shows how to loosen the caliper, remove the brake pads and install a new set. Once they are in place, he pumps the rear brakes to make sure the caliper is making solid contact with the wheel and checks the fluid reservoir. If the fluid level is low, you should either bleed the brakes or replace the fluid. More Maintenance Videos are listed here.

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  • Harley Brake Caliper 2000 - 2003 Front & Rear Service

    Bob demonstrates how to service the front and rear brake calipers on a Sportster. There are a few changes that Harley has made over the years, so you should be sure to pay attention to the differences; they could affect how you service your bike.

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  • Harley Rear Brake Caliper and Pad Service

    Bob teaches his simple technique for easy access to the Softail and Dyna rear brake to service the brake pads and caliper, as well as how to replace them afterwards. He stresses the importance of only using brake cleaner on each of these parts. Then he shows you how to check the level and condition of brake fluid in the rear master cylinder.

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  • Harley Front Brake Caliper and Pad Replacement

    Bob shows you how to remove and service the front caliper pad, the pad slide pin and the caliper mount on your Harley Davidson Softail or Dyna. He says it is imperative that you apply anti-seize to the parts and clean them with brake cleaner, otherwise oxidation will cause the bolts to lock to the caliper and render the entire assembly useless.

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  • Harley Brake Rotor Installation

    Bob shows how to remove the front tire and install a custom rotor. He removes the brake pads with the caliper still on the fork as not to damage the caliper. He carefully removes the caliper bolts, notes size and location and tells us to wrap the caliper so it does not ding the fender…

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  • Motorcycle Rear Wheel Alignment / New Brake Pad Install

    Bob starts with a little clean up and inspection before reinstalling the rear wheel. They unwrap the caliper and reinstall aftermarket brake pads for better stopping. Pins and bolts prepped with Loctite help with reinstall. They replace caliper, wheel spacers, axle prepped with AntiSeize , washers and nut. Wheel alignment is done with a homemade tool.…

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  • Harley Davidson Rear Brake Caliper Pad Replacment

    Bob shows us a quick way to do brake pad replacement while the Harley Davidson rear brake caliper is on the motorcycle. Front pad first with the pins holding it in place then the rear. Torque to spec, clean your work area and pump your brakes to make sure you have nice peddle feel. Next…

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  • HHI Caliper Install on a Harley Davidson

    Bob installs a chrome HHI front caliper. This HHI caliper allows the rider to lock their front tire for security and provides superior stopping power. Bob removes the brake line and sets it over a drain pan. He removes the stock caliper and cleans his work area. Bob checks the new caliper parts to make…

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