• Harley Throttle Cable Adjustment

    Harley Throttle Cable Adjustment

    Bob demonstrates step-by-step the proper way to readjust the throttle cable on your Harley Softail or Dyna by first adjusting the pull open cable. Then he shows you how to remove and clean or replace the air-cleaning element, and finally how to install Harley’s newest model of their fuel-injected carburetor. Next Video: Harley Rear Brake…

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  • Installing Jet Kit & Thunderslide on a Harley-Davidson

    Installing Jet Kit & Thunderslide on a Harley-Davidson

    Bob removes a stock Harley-Davidson CV carburetor and brings it to a bench for a jet kit and thunderslide install. With the skills of a surgeon, Bob walks us through taking apart the CV carburetor, installing a new jet and thunderslide. Take your time watch him work through it a few times before you go to it. After seeing him do it, you’ll know why he likes carburetors instead of EFI.

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