• 1984-1999 Overview of the Harley Evolution engine

    Oh Evo, how I love thee. Dennis here from Fix My Hog and I own a 1984 FXRS and love it. The Harley Evolution engine helped bring Harley-Davidson back from bankruptcy. This was a major design advance for Harley-Davidson in many ways, the Harley Evolution engine is most distinct from earlier Harley-Davidson engine designs by

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  • Harley Davidson Brake Caliper and Pad Service: Pre 1999

    Bob demonstrates the step-by-step process for servicing the front caliper and brake pads on a pre-1999 Harley Davidson Softail or Dyna. He shows you how to remove, clean and replace all of the individual parts in the brake system. Next Video: Harley Rear Brake Caliper and Pad Service – Pre 1999

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