• Harley-Davidson Oil Change & Transmission Fluids

    Harley-Davidson® Oil Change & Transmission Fluids

    Bob and Mark get us ready to change the oil and transmission fluid on this Dyna. They remove the seat and battery box taking care to cover all painted pieces. Bob removes the negative cable for safety during this procedure. They remove the dipsticks and drain plugs to let the fluids flow into a clean…

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  • Harley Primary Oil & Fluid Change

    Harley Primary Oil & Fluid Change

    Bob walks us through Harley primary oil change on Dyna and Softail models noting Primary Chain Adjustment is not longer need on TC 96, 103 and 110. Remove the drain plug, derby cover and let drain. Prep the drain plug with a little Loctite thread sealant and thread in by hand and torque to spec.…

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