• Installation of a Cobra fi2000 PowrPro tuner

    Installation of a Cobra fi2000 PowrPro tuner

    You put on that awesome looking high flow air cleaner and free flowing exhaust and now you need to tune your air / fuel mixture. Why not do it 80 x a second with CVT? What is CVT you may ask? Continuously Variable Tuning every time you open the throttle optimizes the acceleration air /…

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  • Custom EFI Mapping Installation

    Custom EFI Mapping Installation

    Bob and Mark install a Power Commander to custom map this Harley after a custom exhaust and air intake. They remove the battery and remove the battery box to properly install the Power Commander. Take your time and only cut the tie wraps that you have to. They have to level the relay box to install this PC since this model has a custom rear fender, check your model and install instructions. Battery back in and they use a little dielectric grease to install the PC plug into the ECM and back to the factory harness. Once the PC is in place they download a map to it for the custom set up from the computer.

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