• Harley Clutch Cable and Handlebar Removal

    Handlebar Controls, Master Cylinder and Brake Line Removal

    Moving along with the ape hanger installation Bob and Mark remove the handlebar controls, master cylinder and brake lines. As always, take your time mark out what you removed, even take a picture our two. We will not be reusing the Harley handlebars you will be re-using the Harley controls. Next Video: Clutch Cable and…

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  • Harley Handlebar Riser Bushings Replacement

    Harley Handlebar Riser Bushings Replacement

    Are your handlebars loose? In this expert video, we teach you how to replace Harley handlebar riser bushings. With all these removal steps complete, our experts are ready to start prepping the LA Choppers 13in ape hanger 1 1/2 in. Tree Hugger handlebar for installation. Next Video: 13 Ape Hangers Internal Wiring Stock Harness Pin…

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