• 7:16

    Understanding Cam Specs: Part 1

    This is the first in a series of videos designed to help you understand cam specs. The principles involved with camshaft operation are the same for any four-stroke gasoline engine. It can be a motorcycle, your riding mower, or your car or truck. These videos, as you might guess, concentrate on the V-Twin pushrod motorcycle…

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  • 1:27

    Fix My Hog Welcomes Nate Beck

    Fix My Hog is excited to welcome Nate Beck to our crew. You have been asking for rider experience tips and event coverage and we are stepping up with our pal, Nate Beck. He wrenches, welds, plays in a band, goes to school(just landed a welding gig at an aerospace company) and still finds time…

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  • 1:46

    Checking Harley Tire Pressure and Inspecting Tread

    Mike’s back to the checklist and check front Harley tire pressure and inspect tread is our next move. Determining whether or not you tires are within spec and setting correct tire air pressure are probably the most vital pre-ride safety checks that need to be completed. Although modern motorcycle tires are manufactured to very high…

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  • 5:08

    Harley Drain Plug Installation

    Harley drain plug installation is not difficult but things can quickly become difficult if a drain plug is installed incorrectly. If a drain plug is not installed straight or is installed dirty, the plug’s threaded allocation in the case can become permanently damaged. The most common way oil cases become damaged is from Harley drain…

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  • 11:16

    Flushing Rear Brake Fluid Levels

    A brake fluid flush of the front and rear brake systems on your Harley Davidson has always been an important service point on higher mileage services. With the introduction of DOT 4 brake fluid systems, and more currently, ABS brake systems, replacing brake fluid has become more important than ever. A brake fluid flush is…

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  • 11:29

    Sealed Harley Wheel Bearings Replacement

    Harley Wheel Bearings: Was Old Better? Up until 1999, the motor company used conventional, serviceable Harley wheel bearings. These were high quality bearings made by Timken. They were packed with grease and set against a bearing race with a wheel bearing seal on the outside end of the wheel hub to block out the elements…

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