• Harley Throttle Cable Adjustment

    Bob demonstrates step-by-step the proper way to readjust the throttle cable on your Harley Softail or Dyna by first adjusting the pull open cable. Then he shows you how to remove and clean or replace the air-cleaning element, and finally how to install Harley’s newest model of their fuel-injected carburetor. Next Video: Harley Rear Brake…

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  • Installing Braided Throttle Cables

    A shinny cable will not correct an existing problem so make sure everything is operational when you install the new braided throttle cables. Sometimes you might want to remove the tank to get a clear view of the way the cables route. Take your time and do it right. Related Videos: Removal of Stock Throttle…

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  • Harley Davidson Throttle Cable Lubrication & Adjustment w/ Air Filter Replacement

    Bob demonstrates the best way to lubricate and adjust the throttle cable on your Harley Touring model. He likes to use Loctite throttle cable lubricant on the inner piece of the cable. He also shows you how to remove and reinstall the air cleaner. Once you are done with the service, check your throttle to be sure it is adjusted correctly.

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  • Air Cleaner Removal & Throttle Cable Removal & Install

    Bob and Mark demonstrate the step-by-step process for removing the stock parts to install a Wimmer custom air-cleaner and Barnett replacement throttle and idle cables for your EFI Touring model. They show you how to adjust all of the cables, with cruise control, to your preferences and actuate the throttle after proper installation. Then you should retorque the switch housing hardware to factory specifications and you’re finished!

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  • Custom Throttle Cable Installation / Air Intake, Carb & Cable Removal

    In order to install new components to the throttle and transmission, Bob and Mark demonstrate the step-by-step process for removing the air cleaner cover and air cleaner element, cutting the one-time use stepless clamp for the carburetor and unhooking the throttle and clutch cables.

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  • High Performance Carburetor Kit - final throttle cable install

    Bob and Mark teach you how to install the Mikuni HSR42 high performance carburetor kit into the manifold gasket on a Harley Softail®. This particular model is available in kit form. When you’re finished, you should be able to square the carburetor into the manifold, return the fuel line to its correct location, route the overflow tube, install both the idle and throttle cables and route the choke cable to the left side of your bike.

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  • Harley Davidson Throttle Cable Repair

    Our expert takes apart the housing to lubricate the throttle cables.  Related Videos: Harley-Davidson® Throttle Cable Repair How to Replace Brake Light Switch on a Harley Check, Adjust and Lubricate Brake & Clutch Controls

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