• Harley Front Wheel Removal & Replacement

    Bob and Mark show you how to remove and replace the Harley front wheel on your Sportster. They teach you the proper way to take off the brake caliper and wheel axle so you can do whatever you need to do to the front tire. Once the wheel is off you can replace the tire, retrue the spokes or check the rotor.

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  • Harley Sportster Rear Tire Removal & Replacement

    Bob and Mark demonstrate the best way to remove and replace the rear tire on your Harley Sportster. Then Bob shows you how to service the rear axle and inspect the wheel bearings so you can guarantee a smooth and safe ride. Also, he makes sure to apply anti-seize on the axle.

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  • Motorcycle Rear Wheel Alignment / New Brake Pad Install

    Bob starts with a little clean up and inspection before reinstalling the rear wheel. They unwrap the caliper and reinstall aftermarket brake pads for better stopping. Pins and bolts prepped with Loctite help with reinstall. They replace caliper, wheel spacers, axle prepped with AntiSeize , washers and nut. Wheel alignment is done with a homemade tool.…

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