• Harley Davidson Oil Change Service

    Harley-Davidson® Oil Change Service

    Begin the service on your Touring model by draining some of the fluids. Bob teaches you how to remove and reinstall the oil and tranny drain plugs, oil filter and transmission dipstick to drain and refill the oil and transmission fluid.

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  • Harley Davidson clutch adjustment and service

    Harley-Davidson® clutch adjustment and service

    Bob demonstrates a vital process of Harley maintenance: servicing and maintaining the clutch and replacing theprimary fluid. Be sure to adjust the primary chain for correct deflection when it is cold, he doesn’t recommend doing so when it is hot (newer models get to skip this procedure). Also, when you reassemble the clutch, thoroughly clean and check all parts for wear and tear. If they look run down, replace them. It is cheaper and easier to use new parts than to make old ones work.

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  • Draining Fuel & Fuel Tank Filter (Early Models)

    Draining Fuel & Fuel Tank Filter (Early Models)

    Bob demonstrates the proper technique for draining fuel from the fuel tank on your early TC 88 Touring model. He also teaches you how to maintain the fuel valve and clean the fuel tank filter once you’ve drained and refilled the tank.

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