• Simplifying Electricity: The Harley Davidson Electrical System

    Simplifying Electricity: The Harley Davidson Electrical System

    A fuse blows, a light goes out or you hear click-click when trying to go for a ride. Most of us think of electricity and wiring as a big ball of wires with no rhyme or reason. Our experts are here to teach you about electricity as it applies to our motorcycles.  Next video: Matter &…

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  • UltraCool Oil Coolers

    UltraCool Oil Coolers

    Keeping Your Cool with UltraCool Oil Coolers. Bob gives us a great introduction to heat transfer and dissipation. He shows us an oil cooler and tools needed to install one on your motorcycle. We even added an animation that shows how it works internally. Check it out. Now install it with our installation video.

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  • Deutsch Connectors

    Deutsch Connectors

    The name might be hard to pronounce but Bob shows us how easy it is to work with them. Have the right tools and patience and get to it. Updated video to define Deutsch Connectors a little better. Another great article in the July 2013 issue of American Iron Magazine. Be sure to check your…

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  • Passing Lamp Alignment

    Passing Lamp Alignment

    Passing lamp and headlight alignment is not all about looking pretty. We might want everything straight and symmetrical on our Harley’s but that’s not always best for safety and rideability. Bob reviews the proper light alignment and why your friends might not know what’s best. Related Video: HD Light Bulb Replacement

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