• 3:35

    Harley Rear Tire Pressure, Inspect Tread

    Correct Harley rear tire pressure is critical, not only for safe motorcycle operation, but also for longevity of your tires. Harley Davidson factory service manuals recommend setting front tire pressure to 36 psi and the Harley rear tire pressure to 40 psi. Tire pressures should be checked cold unless having an issue while on the…

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  • 12:52

    Inspect & Adjust Drive Belt, Sprockets & Rear Axle Nut Torque

    This video covers final Harley drive belt adjustment and torquing the rear axle nut. You cannot adjust one without affecting the other. It is important to inspect your final Harley drive belt and sprocket at the time of adjustment. Inspect each tooth of the rear sprocket. Look for major tooth damage, large chrome chips with…

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  • 2:33

    Rear Sprocket Isolator Inspection

    The final Harley drive sprocket has a rubber isolator that is designed to absorb energy, or cushion the sprocket. Harley Davidson released touring models with sprocket isolators in 2008. 2008 models have a stand alone design. In 2009 the isolator and sprocket assembly changed and has stayed the same to present day. Mike shows us…

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