• Custom Air Intake Install

    Custom Air Intake Install

    Breathe baby breathe. Chrome might not get you home but dang it looks good. Bob shows that this custom air intake not only looks good but brings in the extra air required for a performance exhaust set-up. More air out means you need more air in. You will have to remap your EFI or re-jet your carb to get the best out of a new set-up like this on your Harley-Davidson.

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  • High Performance Carburetor Kit #2 w/ Custom Air Intake

    High Performance Carburetor Kit #2 w/ Custom Air Intake

    Bob and Mark teach you how to custom install a Mikuni HSR42 carburetor kit and Wimmer air cleaner on a Touring model. Both components come assembled, so all you have to do is install. Bob shows you the best way to adjust the throttle and idle cables and install a stepless-style clamp on the fuel line. Once you think you’re finished, clean everything off with some parts cleaner and a towel. You worked hard on it, make it look good!

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  • Custom Air Intake Installation

    Custom Air Intake Installation

    After you’ve installed the Mikuni carburetor into your Softail model, you can custom install a Wimmer air cleaner. But before you begin, make sure to read the service manual and make any adjustments necessary for the specifications of your particular model. It will make tunes up that much easier if you are familiar with all components.

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