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    Bassani Xhaust Install

    Tommy is ready for the Bassani Xhaust Road Rage, 2 into 1 exhaust system install on our Sportster. With new exhaust gaskets installed at the heads and oxygen sensor plugs already installed, Tommy begins by installing the Bassani Xhaust bracket. The bracket is mounted to the lower, right side, frame with the provided hardware. With…

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  • Harley Exhaust - Cobra PowerPro HP 2-into-1

    Harley Exhaust – Cobra PowerPro HP 2-into-1

    Overview of Cobra Black PowerPro HP 2-into-1 Harley Exhaust • Same as the original PowerPro but with a new cylindrical muffler body along with the megaphone style • Black 3.5 in. muffler body with a delicately machined chromed billet tip adds looks to any bike • Internal cooling technology keeps a perfect non-blueing muffler body…

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  • Custom Harley-Davidson Exhaust Installation Part 2

    Installing a Cobra Exhaust System on a Harley Sportster Part 2

    Here’s where the number one upgrade performed on almost every Harley-Davidson can go wrong. Even if you bought the exhaust new, make sure you have all the mounting hardware. This Cobra exhaust does not fit with the Harley-Davidson stock exhaust bracket. Our experts show you how to install the Sportster custom exhaust bracket to get…

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  • The EPA and You - Interview w/ Chris Maida from American Iron Magazine

    The EPA and You: Interview with Chris Maida from American Iron Magazine

    Will the EPA come after me if I change my exhaust? If I get pulled over, will the cops know I have a Stage 1 kit on my motorcycle? All things to consider when we do any upgrades to your Harley-Davidsons. Bob LaRosa and Dennis Santopietro sit down with Chris Maida from American Iron Magazine…

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  • Custom Exhaust Install

    Custom Exhaust Install

    Bob and Mark prep the FL for a custom exhaust install. New gaskets, flanges and hardware prepped with Loctite allow them to put the new exhaust in place. They work together to get mounting bolts in place and install flange nuts. They install the exhaust shields and claps make sure not to scar the new chrome. Make sure you wipe the exhaust down. Any fingerprints left over can leave a mark on the pipes when they get hot.

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  • Supertrapp Custom Exhaust System Installation

    Supertrapp Custom Exhaust System Installation

    Bob and Mark show us an all-in-one kit for performance slip-on exhaust, mapping and air intake. The remove the stock mufflers and install the new slip-on exhaust with a new torca clap. They move up to remove the stock air cleaner and backing plate. They unplug the throttle position sensor and the intake air temperature sensor and install FI control harness. They wire in the FI control harness into the ECM harness. Their next move is to the install the custom air intake, re-install the fuel tank and dash. They calibrate the FI control before the motorcycle is started.

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  • Custom Exhaust Installation

    Custom Exhaust Installation

    With the new air intake installed and cleaned, Bob starts the custom exhaust install. New gaskets and mounting brackets go on first. Mark brings in a Mean Mothers exhaust with new flanges and clips. Working together they align the pipe and bolt it on. Exhaust and shields in place they clean up any unwanted fingerprints.…

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  • Custom Exhaust #2

    Custom Exhaust #2

    Bob has a Road King on the rack to show us stock exhaust removal and how to install a performance exhaust for added horsepower. He removes the exhaust flange nuts front and rear. Working top to bottom, off come the stock mounts and retaining bolts. Mark holds the weight of the exhaust as Bob removes floorboard to finish the removal. Bob installs new exhaust gaskets, preps hardware with Loctite where needed and Mark brings in the performance exhaust with new flanges and clips for install.

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  • Custom 2 into1 Performance Exhaust Install

    Custom 2 into 1 Performance Exhaust Install

    With the new gasket already installed in the front and rear cylinders on your Softail model, Bob and Mark demonstrate the process for installing a 2:1 performance exhaust. They stress the importance of working with care so that you don’t scratch the surface of the pipe.

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