• 4:05

    Check Front M8 Softail Tire Pressure and Tread

    Although checking Softail tire pressure and tire/wheel inspection is very easy to do, it is by far the most commonly overlooked pre-ride inspection. Tire pressure should always be checked cold, and while tire manufacturers do label every tire with a maximum pressure specification, we suggest following the factory service manual recommendations for front and rear…

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  • 1:42

    Harley Fuel Line Inspection

    Check your Harley fuel line & fittings for possible leaks at every service or as part of your pre-ride inspection. It will be more likely to establish a Harley fuel line or fitting leak if your fuel tank has been removed a number of times. In this case, the o-ring inside the output valve can…

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  • 3:57

    Inspect For Exhaust Leak

    Inspect your Harley Davidson for a possible exhaust leak at every service interval. After hours of vibration and heat, the exhaust system or an area of the exhaust system may begin to loosen. It is important to catch this early as even a small exhaust leak can adversely impact the running and performance of the…

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  • 1:13

    Check Front Axle Nut Torque

    Checking for correct front axle nut torque is a checkpoint that should not be overlooked. It is very unlikely that the axle nut will ever loosen if the axle had previously been installed correctly and the axle nut torqued to spec. However, if it is unknown whether or not the axle nut had been previously…

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  • 11:04

    Battery Check, Clean and Removal

    Harley battery condition and connections are of utmost importance on your Harley Davidson. Both for correct function and safety, the battery and battery cables need to be inspected at every service interval. The Harley battery on touring models has been located beneath the rear seat since 1993. Prior to that, the battery tray was located…

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