• Custom Headlight & Passing Lamp Removal & Install

    Custom Headlight and Passing Lamps / Remove old

    In order to install the Headwinds custom 7-inch headlight and bulb and the Headwinds complete passing light assembly onto the stock Fatboy front fork, Bob and Mark start by removing the trim strip on both sides of the headlight cover. They then teach you the full process for removing both the headlight and passing lamps from your Softail model.

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  • Custom Headlight / Passing Lamps and Gauge Install

    Custom Headlight / Passing Lamps and Gauge Install

    Bob and Mark demonstrate the installation process for the custom Headwinds and Dakota Digital products that you have wired and prepped for your Softail model. These are your headlights, passing lamps and dashboard gauges. This is your last chance to make sure all wires are properly wrapped, attached and secured! Your bike should look drastically different from what you had before your custom servicing. Now get out and take a test drive!

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