• 29:03

    Harley Shop Essentials

    Tommy is gearing up for a big tear down and customization of our 2000 XL to a Harley Cafe Racer. In preparation, Tommy reviews Harley shop essentials, tools and materials that will be needed along the way. Safety is of utmost importance in your Harley shop. Eye and face protection, respirators, gloves, and appropriate clothing…

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  • 1:47

    Check Harley Hardware on Switch Housings

    Another simple yet very important safety inspection is the Harley hardware on the switch housing, the clutch perch and front master cylinder clamp. If for any reason this Harley hardware were to loosen or fall off of the motorcycle, it would create a serious safety problem. Losing proper clutch function can be a serious safety…

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  • 15:55

    Cam Chain to Cam Gear Conversion Introduction and Tools

    Mike gives us an overview of what goes into a Twin Cam cam compartment inspection and upgrade of the cam chain tensioner chain. As many of us are already well aware, from 2000 to 2006, Harley Davidson’s spring style cam chain tensioners were a complete disappointment to say the least! Eventually, Harley began suggesting that…

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  • 11:26

    Installing Cam Bearings

    There is a specialty cam bearing tool that can be used to press the new bearings into the Harley cam plate. The cam bearing tool is meant to be used in conjunction with a hydraulic or arbor press. It is not a big problem if the speciality cam bearing tool is too expensive or not…

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  • What tools do you need to carry on a HD motorcycle?

    Travel Tool List

    What tools do you need to carry on a HD motorcycle? The wind in your face and the pavement screaming below your wheels. That’s what we want 24/7/365. Reality is we ride a mechanical beast that might need some tinkering with while we are out there exploring the great unknown. So, what tools do you…

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